Daila Rocchi

An International FCI licenced judge for all breeds of the FCI Group 8 :
– Section 1 : All Retrievers
– Section 2 : All Flushing Dogs
Deutscher Wachtelhund (German Spaniel)
Clumber spaniel
English & American cocker spaniel
English & Welsh springer spaniel
Field & Sussex spaniel
Kooikerhondje (Small Dutch Waterfowl Dog)
– Section 3 : All Water Dogs
Perro de agua español (Spanish Waterdog)
Barbet (French Water Dog)
Cão de agua Português(Portuguese Water Dog)
Irish Water Spaniel
Lagotto Romagnolo(Romagna Water Dog)
Wetterhoun (Frisian Water Dog)
American Water Spaniel

Continuing with the breeds of FCI Group 5 – Samoyed, Alaska Malamute, Siberian Husky, Spitzs

Languages: Italian, English & Croatian

Being active as a judge since 2005. Judging all the breeds of the FCI group 8 all over Europe, specialized for the following breeds: Cocker Spaniel, American Cocker Spaniel, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever. Wrote few articles for some dog & hunting magazines and also for our Kennel Club Magazine, presenting our breed.
Certified by the Kennel Club on Judging the Gundog breeds – Conformation and Movement.

Countries where I have judged :
Austria (International & Club shows), Croatia, Cz Republic, Denmark (Gold Cup), Finland, France (International & Club shows), Germany, Italy (International & Club shows), Netherland, Norway, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain,  Sweden (International & Club shows).

Involved in cockers since 1993, established in 1995 and based on the North West of Croatia. Up on the hills but very near the sea, surrounded by woods, in a beautiful countryside. For the last 26 years we have dedicated our life to this beautiful breed. More then a decade we showed and bred also Golden Retrievers, with remarkable results too, and that breed is still deep in our hearts. Selecting with the vision of healthy, merry cockers in type, without exaggerations and still fit for function. Our dogs are health tested with DNA profiles, the majority has their Natural Ability test and/or the Working-field trial test.
Active member of our kennel club since 1993, 6 years as secretary of the kennel club K.D. “Rijeka”, president for 2 years, member of the breeding commission, organized 2 National, 2 International dog shows, many working and field trial tests for Retrievers – Flushing Dogs – Water Dogs – Scent hounds and related breeds – Dachshunds – Pointing Dogs – Terriers, having plenty of organizing experience. Member of many breed and national clubs in Europe.