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Some times we are looking for great owners who would and could adopt our olders. Older girls and boys that have been shown and are no longer in the show ring, they make marvellous pets, they do settle into a new family life and love to become an only dog rather than one of a …


About Vaccinations

What’s So Risky About Puppy Shots? You know this, right? For most dog owners, it’s not news that yearly boosters – or any boosters really – are at best unnecessary and at worst harmful. You know that reducing the number of vaccines is critical to your dog’s health, but when it comes to puppy shots, …

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On photo our Multi Ch.Della Fiumana Serenata Rap admired in the BIS ring by Mrs.Carol Newman (UK). Photo by Marin Ćuk Vurnek Proud and honoured that this photo and my statement was shared World Wide, also printed on T-shirts. Glad that so many share the same idea !Thanks all


More Genetic Tests

Thrilled with the health test results for– Chm.Hr. Beauty Princess Skarline C.R.– Della Fiumana Panamera– Black Mirtilla’s Me Enamure Sin Pensarlo they was tested for PRA, FN, AMS and all are CLEAR !!!First time that we were able to DNA test for AMS ! Acral Mutilation Syndrome (AMS) is a rare autosomal-recessive genetic disorder that affects sensation …

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New Show Champions

Two International Dog Shows in Varazdin 12/13-09, first show in this difficoult year 2020 ; the result is that WE HAVE A NEW CROATIAN SHOW CHAMPION!! (Subject to confirmation) Hit was nicely presented by Martina Vuk Int.Ch.Slo.Ch.SloJ.Ch.Chm.Hr. Della Fiumana Hit That Perfect Beatwent both days Cac Cacib and BOB and he is now also Croatian Show …