Welcome to our world & life !
We are involved in cockers since 1993,  started with solid cockers, now having only parti coloured cockers. We are a team passionate for pedigree dogs, proud breeders, owners, handlers. Our dogs gained of over 200 Champions & Winner Titles ! The kennel was FCI registered under the name of Della Fiumana in 1995, based on the North West of Croatia, near the city of Rijeka.
Our aim is to breed for TEMPERAMENT – HEALTH – TYPE – BALANCE

I hope that after visiting our site you will realise that a cocker is a wonderful dog for your family, loving and faithful friend. They will bring joy into your life as they have mine with their loving eyes, happy temperament and ever wagging tail. We are not commercial breeders, having litters only from time to time. Puppies are sometimes available for loving homes. Many of our puppies, have gone to be assistance dogs for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and several of the dogs we have bred went on to be Pets As Therapy (P.A.T) dogs, others excelled at obedience and agility and many have been successful in the show ring all over the World for their new owners or are gundog trained too. If you would like to go into our waiting list for a puppy either for a pet or to show please get in touch. I would like to mention the older girls and boys that have been shown and are no longer in the show ring, they make marvellous pets, they soon settle into a new family life and love to become an only dog rather than one of a few. Therefore we some times have available adult cockers (girls or boys) for adoption. Visitors are welcome to come and see my lovely boys and girls by prior arrangement.

Our dogs deserves only the best, therefore all dogs by Della Fiumana are powered by